We have not forgotten about you

Firstly, during these unprecedented times, we wanted to start by sending our heartfelt thanks to the selfless healthcare and other essential workers who are working tirelessly for the care of others, we also send our wishes of wellness to the entire community and beyond.

The global pandemic is affecting everyone both on a personal and business level and we are having to adjust to a to a new way of living to ensure the wellbeing of all. The safety and wellbeing of our employees, their families and our guests and holiday owners at both Kelling and Woodhill has been paramount and where possible our staff are working from home.

We are sure that everyone is looking to a future without the Coronavirus crisis, when normality can return, and we will be able to open Kelling Heath and Woodhill Park to continue offering our many visitors the opportunity to create memories that can be treasured for ever.

In the meantime, we don’t want any of our homeowners or guests to think that we have forgotten about them. So, over the coming weeks 'watch this space' as we bring you regular updates from both parks, so you can still enjoy virtually what is going on with the wildlife as well as some ideas and activities for you to do at home with hints and tips from our resident experts.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we support each other so we would encourage you to share your photos with us of any activities that you do on the back of anything we post. Stay safe and stay well and from all of us here, we look forward to welcoming you all back when we can.

Best wishes

Sarah, Pete and all the Acorn Activities Team