Woodhill’s Environment

The surrounding natural environment is essential to us, so we ensure that Woodhill Park is carefully managed to work hand in hand with the local wildlife.

Ecological Management
To provide a more natural barrier between the main building complex on the Park and the road, we've introduced a new tree planting scheme. This scheme includes native species that will be salt-tolerant for the cliff-top location and range in age from two year old whips to larger 6 year old trees.

The areas of long grass across the park have been extended in size and are accompanied by new interpretation boards. However, the most important ecological feature on the park is the large wildflower meadow and the appropriate management of space.

Resource Conservation
Woodhill Park has changed the way we deal with waste - we are still recycling, but much more efficiently.

We’ve teamed up with waste disposal experts to ensure 100% of your waste avoids landfill. You will no longer find separate bins for glass and recycling since our supplier does this for you at their Material Recycling Facility. There is no need for you to worry about anything, just place all your waste in the nearest bin and let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your time on the park.

Furthermore, a low emissions ride-on mower has recently joined the fleet of electric-powered park transport, and low-energy bulbs are installed around the park where possible.


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