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Woodhill's environment

The surrounding natural environment is very important to us which is why we ensure that Woodhill Park is carefully managed to work hand in hand with the local wildlife.

Weather Warning: Risk of Fire Notice

Please be aware due to the exceptional warm and dry weather we are experiencing, THERE IS A VERY HIGH RISK OF FIRE in and around our Park.

Please remember
• Dispose of your cigarette butts safely – ensure they are fully extinguished – DO NOT THROW THEM ON THE GROUND
• Don’t leave bottles or glass in direct sunlight No open fires are permitted anywhere on Park
• Never leave a lit BBQ unattended Keep a bucket of water next to your BBQ
• Remember to safely dispose of your BBQ and do not empty hot ash into refuse bins
• Never use a disposable BBQ indoors or in a tent
• Never leave a lit BBQ indoors or in a tent
• Store gas cylinders outside, away from direct sunlight


Closer to nature

Closer to nature

The surrounding natural environment is very important to us which is why we ensure that Woodhill Park is carefully managed to work hand in hand with the local wildlife.

Because of this dedication to the local surroundings, we are pleased to have been awarded a David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award acknowledging our environmental management.

Woodhill has also been awarded Gold status in the Green Tourism Business Scheme awards. Judges partcularly liked and commented on the following:

Staff are encouraged through prizes for environmental initiatives and part of bonus linked to the environment and kept informed by green team minutes on the company intranet notice boards and newsletters. Particular highlights include solar hot water on the toilet blocks, local produce i site shop, local bottled water, eco friendly toilet products, motion sensors and other water saving devices. A strong entry to the GTBS scheme.

Ecological Management

New tree planting has been introduced to the park. This includes the use of native species that will be salt-tolerant for the cliff-top location. The trees have been located mainly to provide a more natural barrier between the main building complex on the park, and the road. The planting ranges in age from 2 year old whips, to larger 6 year old trees.

Areas of long grass across the park have been extended in size and are accompanied by new interpretation boards. The most important ecological feature on this park is that of the large wildflower meadow. The appropriate management of the meadow has continued and fresh interpretation introduced.

Resource Conservation

Woodhill Park has changed the way it deals with waste, we are still recycling but in a more efficient way.

Woodhill Park has teamed up with waste disposal experts to offer a simpler way to ensure 100% of your waste avoids landfill. You will no longer find separate bins for glass and recycling as our supplier does this for you at their Material Recycling Facility. There is no need for you to worry about anything, just place all of your waste in the nearest bin and let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your time on park.

A lower emissions ride-on mower has recently joined the fleet of electric powered park transport. Energy bulbs are now used around the park where possible.


Good Neighbours

More information on local businesses, services and events has been introduced into the reception area. More local products are now available in the park shop and recently new employees have been sourced from the local area.

What our guests are saying:

Just back from a fab 5 days at Woodhill! Fantastic modern & clean facilities, idea location, beautiful views, well equipped shop and very friendly staff.... Perfect!

Jessica H-B